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New to The Church

Welcome to PCEA Karen West Parish.

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Grand Canyon

PCEA Muteero Church

The purpose of our ministry is; 

(1) To bring people to saving faith in Christ and then assist them to grow in Christ-likeness; 

(2) To bring every believer into a vital, authentic relationship with God through the grace of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, such that every believer glorifies God in thought, word, and deed both in the church and in the world with the ultimate goal of presenting every one complete in Christ (Col. 1:28).

We hope you are touched by the ministries we have at PCEA Muteero.

If you ever want to be a part of our wonderful family, contact us or find us through the addresses below or use the contact form in the "contact us" tab.

Find Your Place

There is a Place For Everyone to Serve and Be Served.


“This church is the pillar and stable foundation of truth, because in it soundeth the voice of the Son of God”

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